Saturday, February 9, 2008

Braces buddies 4ever

Ever since I got two years ago, I've noticed the multitude of people walking around with those metal things strapped to their teeth. They're everywhere! It's kind of like when you buy a new car, let's say it's a silver Toyota, and then you notice that it seems like everyone drives a silver Toyota nowadays.

When I see people with braces, I feel a special bond with them - like we are sharing this experience together. I am compelled to go up to them and start a conversation. But this is me, so I can't start a conversation like a normal person. It goes a little something like this...

A restaurant. Bella is out for supper with some friends.

Manager: Stops at table. I understand that you requested to speak to a manager.
Bella: No, but... [Noticing his braces] Hey! Braces buddy! High five! [forces manager to high five her]

We then got into an in-depth conversation about braces and jaw surgery, while the people at the table next to us, who had actually asked to speak to a manager, glared at us impatiently.

This amused my friend to no end, because she has seen me use "Braces buddy! High five!" as an opening line on more than one occasion. The last time was at her brother's wedding, when I spent the night chatting up her 15-year-old cousin. The line worked so well that I actually have a picture of him sitting on my lap. We make a cute couple. (What can I say? I like them young. Less baggage.) Part of our conversation that night went like this:

Bella: [Thinking that because he's 15, he's all innocent and hasn't kissed a girl yet] A lot of people think braces makes kissing difficult, but it doesn't at all, you know.
Braces Buddy: Oh, I know. I've kissed other people with braces, too.
Bella: Really. Have you kissed other people when you've both had braces?
Braces Buddy: Yup.
Bella: What was that like?
Braces Buddy: The same, but with more texture.

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