Saturday, February 9, 2008

Colour my mouth tickled turquoise

When I first got these braces, I tried to make them as inconspicuous as possible, opting for the white porcelain ones on top and the clear wire ties. The best thing about this strategy is that from far away and in most pictures, you couldn't even tell I had them. I wanted to be a grown up, to look classy, to have people not notice that I'm thirtysomething and have a bunch of metal strapped into my mouth.

After a year, I gave up on that. These days, I'm going for trashy. All the colours of the rainbow, just like those krazysuperradcoolkids down at the playground. Word. Let's go lay down some beats, yo. Or some such thing.

My boyfriend's niece started it - she couldn't believe that I wouldn't want to get the pink ones, because they are sooooo cool. His mom chimed in, "Come only live once." That got me thinking; then, I had a conversation with a co-worker the next day:

Her: You should totally go for it. If I had braces, I would do all the colours. It looks cute.
Me: Yeah, but I'm really trying to do the clear thing, you know, so no one really notices them.
Her: Uh...Bella? News flash: you have braces. Everyone notices them.

Good point. So, if they're there anyway, might as well have some fun. Plus, the colours mean I can drink red wine and eat curry again, two of my favourite things (that also stain the clear wire ties and that the very intense video warned against consuming because, as the narrator said, it would be "disastrous").

I started with the baby pink, as the niece had suggested, then progressed to lavender, and then, dove right in and went for the vibrant teal.

It was a bit more vibrant than I had expected (the picture doesn't really do it justice - I think the flash lightened the colour - but trust's quite vibrant.)

These days, my braces are fuschia on top and red on the bottom. Yeah, maybe making decisions on braces colour when on a high dose of pain meds (to counteract the braces tightening trauma) is not the best course of action.

Fortunately, I can pull them off. (With confidence, that is, or failing that, a pair of pliers).

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