Monday, February 25, 2008

A week in pictures

The first week, post-surgery, in oh-so-flattering full-colour.

This picture was taken right after the surgery.
A friend of mine commented, "You look so tired in this picture."
I responded, "I wasn't tired. I was stoned."

And the swelling begins.
I loved those ice packs like my own mother.

Determined to keep a positive attitude.
After all the high-fiving, I switched to a thumbs up.

The swelling gets worse, but surprisingly, I'm not dead.

The swelling peaked on Day 3.
This was my last full day in the hospital.

Finally at home.
Can you tell I was not a fan of Day 4?

And now, we have the oh-so-alluring yellow/green bruises.

On Day 6, the bruising was worse.
The liquid diet started to get to me.
I contemplated hunting down Mrs. Vickie and holding her ransom for a handful of her salt and vinegar delicacies.

The swelling's almost gone after a week. Yay!

A lovely shot of the stitches they put in my cheeks
(that's where they put the screws in.)

A close-up of my sexy bruises.

My wired and elasticized jaw.
A friend told me this wasn't what she expected.
"It looks like pimped out braces," she said.
Oh yeah. Rappers got nothin' on me.

My left hand bruising, where the intern screwed up my IV line.

I got the external cheek stitches taken out on Day 8.
I felt much less freakish afterward.

Look ma! No stitches!
It was insane how quickly these cuts healed.
By Day 13, you could barely tell I had ever had stitches there.


Schmutzie said...

I want everyone who sees these pics to know that she is normally a far cuter human being. My word, but that swelling! It's fantastic!

Katherine said...

Saw the link to your blog on the Yahoo forum and quite enjoyed reading of your adventures thus far. Always nice to see a fellow 'Canuck' as well :)

Seeing the pics really is helpful to those of us still gleaning everything we can on what to expect.

Keep at 'er, you're a hoot to read!


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