Thursday, March 13, 2008

X marks the jaw

I'm still working on all of my post-jaw surgery entries, but I thought meanwhile, you'd be interested to see the inside of my face once again. Because who doesn't want to see that?

So, here are some after and before X-rays for your viewing pleasure.

The first one is the after-surgery X-ray.

You can't see a huge difference in the bite from pre- to post-surgery in this shot, but you will notice the surgical hooks between each of my braces in the post-surgery shot as well as the three screws the surgeon put in either side of my jaw.

It's still hard for me to believe that I have screws in my face.

I'm permanently screwed.


Moving on...

Post-surgery is up first, again. You can see the screws in my jaw in this shot as well. You'll also notice that my teeth fit together better than before, and if you look very closely from one to the other, there has been a slight shift in my chin.

My profile is a bit stronger and my chin is a bit further out.

It's subtle. The surgeon only moved my lower jaw forward 4 mm, but every day as the swelling goes down, I notice more changes. It's kind of neat, really. How often can you see your face transform before your very eyes?

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