Thursday, April 10, 2008

More before and after photos

My surgeon's office just sent me the pictures they took of me one week before the surgery.

And now I know what I would look like in mug shots.
I mean, do they
try to make the "before" pictures look bad?

Here are some shots that have been taken in the last few weeks:

A silly shot taken on Day 45,
on the way to sushi, which guess what?
You don't have to chew.

A profile shot taken at the sushi restaurant.

You can really see the difference in my chin/profile in this shot.
I used to avoid profile shots like the plague.
Now, I loves them, I do.

If you compare this smiley shot to the smiley "before" picture,
you'll see that my smile is no longer lopsided.

A serious shot to show my lovely new chin...
and the new hairdo to go with.

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