Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ask Bella: Drooliscious

Q: When your jaw was wired shut, did you drool constantly, or is it just me? I feel like a rabid dog. It's not cute.

A: It seems so long ago that I had my jaw wired shut, but from what I remember, I didn't drool all the time - just when I was eating, which was decidedly not cute. (Though my boyfriend found it endlessly amusing when I would smear chocolate pudding all over my face without knowing it, because my chin and lower lip were numb.)

I have a feeling that I didn't drool much because I was able to get my swelling down quickly, and swelling would interfere with being able to close your mouth and keep the lovely liquids where they belong. Or maybe some people have more drool than others? I dunno.

Hang in there! One day, the wires will be gone and the drooling will be all but a distant memory. That, or all the drooling will dehydrate you to the point that your mouth will be no longer able to produce saliva; either way, it's gotta end sometime, right?

In any event, I bet you're still pretty darn cute, Chinderella.

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chinderella said...

Thanks for your reply! I am proud to report that I got the drooling under control about 6 days ago. I think you were right about the swelling; I could feel th back of my throat was swollen too, and I couldn't swallow. Messy. Now I'm officially a non-drooler. yay.

Bella said...


And by the way, I think you might have just about the cutest online jaw surgery name ever ;)

chinderella said...

Ah, thanks. It just.. seemed to fit, in a post-medern fairy tale kind of way :-)


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