Monday, June 30, 2008

Ask Bella: Hot tips

Q: Knowing what you know now, would you still go through the surgery? Is there anything you would change?

A: No regrets. I'd do it all again. Only this time, I'd be taking the homeopathic remedies before the surgery as well as after to help get the swelling down faster, I would have gone to lymph drainage massage as soon as humanly possible after the surgery instead of waiting two weeks to help get the swelling down, and I would have moved my expectations about being perfectly healed from three months post-surgery up to six months post-surgery. Oh, and I definitely would have upped my iron intake during my recovery.

Q: Any random tips/recommendations for any part of the process?

A: Do your research. Read all you can, look into natural remedies, know exactly what you're getting into, and keep a positive attitude and a sense of humour and you'll breeze through it (as much as anyone can "breeze through" major surgery, that is.)

*To ask Bella a question about her jaw surgery, email her at smilingbella at gmail dot com or leave a comment on this post. Go ahead: ask away!!

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