Thursday, June 26, 2008

Read it and weap, my friends!

Last Friday, in physiotherapy, I hit...

...wait for it...


Oh yes, my pretties, you read that right. That's like a normal jaw opening, people! (As if anything about me or my jaw could be considered "normal", but that's beside the point, isn't it? And did I mention 40 freaking millimetres? Oh, yes, I guess I did.)

It's interesting to me that after all of the struggling and being stalled at 38 mm for the past several appointments, last week, my jaw joint and muscles seemed to loosen up for no apparent reason. By the time I made it to physio, it was as though my body was just ready to go there.

My physiotherapist said she could tell something was different. "Before, I was limited by your jaw joint. Now, I'm just limited by your pain," she said as she wedged her hands into my mouth and pried my jaw open, causing tears to roll down my cheeks.

"Cool! I made you cry!" she exclaimed.

I don't even care about the pain anymore - bring it on. I just want to hit 45 mm by the end of summer.


chinderella said...

Yay! Well done! I'm not cheering for the tears of pain, obviously.


Anonymous said...

As I read this, I am at work propping my mouth open with a pile of tongue depressors. They do make me tear up in the beginning, but now I went from 27 mm to almost 35 mm in about a week! Not too shabby. I'm hoping to get to the 40 mm. mark in a week or two. I think I can do it...just need to buy more tongue depressors! (I'm up to 18, and I only bought 20). Anyway have you ever tried this?


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