Friday, July 18, 2008

Ask Bella: Supplements and nerve regrowth

Q: I was just reading your post from Mar. 30 where you mentioned the odds of nerve damage following BSSO increasing with one's age. My surgeon brought up B12 as something he might want me to take. He said there's some research going on to see if it will help. Do you have references that support the use of B12?

A: B12 supplement is a very good thing to take before/after the surgery. My naturopath recommended it for me to take as well because it's very good for nerve repair. I found a really cool B12 product that's perfect for when your jaw is wired shut: B12 dissolving strips that are like those Listerine Pocket Packs. They're even minty!

If you have the opportunity to go to a naturopath, I'd recommend it. There are some homeopathic remedies can help with nerve pain/regrowth, such as Hypericum Perforatum. It's worth looking into.

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Anonymous said...

hi bella! i've been reading your blog. i am 12 days post up following upper and lower jaw surgery, upper palate expansion, and genioplasty.
i stumbled on your blog while trying to find out more about lymph drainage massage as well as b12 supplements and was really interested in your page on homeopathic remedies. i did a bit more research and the next day (Being today) went to my local natural store and bought wobenzym, arnica and traumeel, as well as something for the crazy amount of mucus i have lodged in my throat. i also bought dissolvable b12 strips. i am very excited to incorporate these into my routine, as i had also just started with liquid multivitamins, vitamin c and iron (i had to wait until now unfortunately because i was just so sick from all the other meds after i couldn't bear to take anymore liquids). i'm doing pretty well although the first 9 days were sheer agony (i think 75% of my agony related to the palate expansion and the fact that i started losing all the numbness and regaining feeling the day after surgery).
check out my blog!
i wanted to ask you though, how many mcgs of b12 did you take? each strip has 1,000 and the dosing instructions say one per day but i'm thinking that for the purpose of nerve regeneration, i should be taking more like 2,000 or 3,000 per day. what did you do?
thanks sharing your experience!
also i posted this message on your blog too cause i wanted to make sure to reach you! sorry to annoy :)


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