Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Damn you, Four Months Ago Bella!

One of my new brackets is rubbing against the inside of my upper lip, creating a very raw bump that catches on the metal every time I talk, smile, eat and...do just about everything.

Last night, I tore apart my purse, bathroom, bedroom searching for that little magical box of orthodontic wax. The fact that I couldn't find it anywhere drove me absolutely nuts, because I'm the Queen of knowing exactly where all of my stuff is at any given time. It's my thing.

As I obsessed over where it could possibly be, I suddenly got a very distinct image in my mind of me tossing the box in the garbage four months ago and saying smugly to myself, "Hah! I'm never going to need that again!"

Right now, I would be quite happy to smack Four Months Ago Bella across her braceless face.

(In case you were wondering: Yup, braces + raw lip = cranky Bella.)


Anonymous said...

ouch Bella.....I thought you were in ceramic brackets, not the metal kind. Did your ortho switch you to metal brackets this time around? so sorry you are without wax.....this is painful. For how long do you have to wear this set of braces? good luck bella!!!! So glad you are still blogging even though your surgery is behind you. thank you for that.

Bella said...

I had ceramic brackets last time, but this time, he slapped on the metal. I figure because it's easier for him, and also easier to remove them after the fact.

I tried to find wax at the pharmacy, but to no avail. Not everywhere carries it. And I have a singing gig on Thursday! Grrrr.

I'm not sure when I get them off. I know they're being adjusted at the end of the month to try and close the gaps. I figure it will probably be a month or two after that to make sure they're in place.

So, maybe January? February?


Thanks for reading! It's nice getting so many supportive comments from you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bella, Just wanted to thank you for the blog. My daughter had upper/lower jaw surgery on Sept.25th She has been totally wired shut for 6 weeks and gets UNWIRED TOMORROW!!! YAY! This has been the looooongest 6 weeks of our lives. She's done great though. Well, the first 5 days were HORRID but she says she would do it all over again. SO. I'm happy that SHE is happy. It's nice to hear other people's views on how their surgery turned out. BTW....hope you find some wax soon!!!


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