Monday, December 22, 2008

Ask Bella: Update on "Changes in appearance"

There was a strong response from my blog readers on this Ask Bella post a few months ago, so I'm sure you'll be happy to hear this update:

Kerry Rose has left a new comment on your post "Ask Bella: Changes in appearance":

I just wanted to email an update about this particular post. I am the gal that sent in the question in the first place. Its now 12-14-08 which means I am almost 3 months post-op.

I have adjusted to my altered appearance and my initial terrified reaction at my transformation.

In fact, my post-surgery experience unfolded in ways I never expected.

After I sent this message, I started to experience great amounts of pain as a result of muscle spasms. For about a week, I couldn't sleep because the muscle spasms would wake me up every few minutes. Using a combo of prescribed sleeping pills and the pain medications, I was able to overcome it.

Then about 6-weeks post-op, I experienced an unanticipated break-up with a person with whom I had been dating for 5 1/2 years.

Ironically, I have met a lot of fellow ortho patients whose surgeries were the catalyst for numerous major changes in their life (including break-ups like mine).

I can honestly say that I am better than great!

I still think that my doctor should have been more clear about the physical transformation I would go through. I would even suggest that going to a therapist that deals with body issues (specifically one that relates to people undergoing surgeries) should be done ahead of surgery.

Thanks for all of the comments. It turned out to be so important for me to express what I was going through - especially because I had become somewhat of a prisoner of my home and my body. I needed reaffirmation that there was some action I could take to change my situation.


ummul said...

I'm happy to read that message.


Katherine said...

Bella thank you for posting this update. It is very helpful.

Summer said...

Hi Bella. I'm having the exact same surgery in a month or so and your blog has helped me so much to prepare myself. Thank you so much for sharing your procedure! I've got a couple of questions (if you don't mind answering).

Immediately after surgery, do you have a normal bite? - Do your back molars touch?

My orthodontist will have me slide my lower jaw forward to give me (and him) an idea on how it will look after the surgery. When doing this, of course there is a strain and it's not comfortable. After surgery (and healing), does the moving of the jaw forward feel normal and comfortable/relaxed? - Does it feel like you're jutting your jaw forward all the time?

Thanks ahead of time! :)


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