Monday, February 16, 2009

Medical claims

So, last year was quite the year for medical expenses for me. Fortunately, I do live in Canada, where my surgery and hospital stay were completely covered by our health care system.

But that doesn't mean that there weren't major costs associated with this surgery for me. The surgical splint was $500 and wasn't covered under any of my benefit plans. Also, I had my surgery in another city, which meant lots of travelling back and forth to see my surgeon. And then there was a lengthy recovery, which included extra insurance, medications, physiotherapy, massage therapy (including lymph drainage massage), acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, orthodontics and dentistry.

I avoided totalling it all up until now. And the damage: more than $4,700.

Wow. That's a lot. And the above is just the amount my benefits didn't cover. If it were the full amount, it would be another few thousand for sure (not to mention the shortfall in my gross pay because of all the work I missed due to related illnesses over the past year.)

Then again, being able to chew like a normal person and replace frequent migraines with a winning smile?


And hey, at least I get a good tax return this year.


Pushkar said...

Great work Bella sharing your experiences. I would ask my patients to follow your example. Such write-ups really help us.

Stacy said...

Hi there! :) It's crazy how it all adds up, you know? Down here in the States, my insurance company didn't want to pay for anything jaw related. My total joint replacement ended up costing over $125,000 that I'm (obviously) still paying for 2 years later.
No wonder it is so easy to go bankrupt after having health issues!
Although, I totally understand what you mean about spending the money being worth it. Even though I can't necessarily say the same about my jaw surgery, I do feel the same about the dental work I recently had done. There is no price for confidence and a beautiful smile! :)


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