Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free at last...kinda

I went to The Big City to see my surgeon for my one-year post-surgery appointment the other week and he said that my bite looks great and I don't have to go back to him anymore!


The only reason I would have to go see him is if the screws in my jaw get infected and have to be taken out, which he says is quite rare.

Double yay!!

Another exciting development is that when I go see my orthodontist today, I will not have to pull out my credit card to make my monthly payment. Because, last month, I made the FINAL one. After three years of monthly payments, I am done, baby!!

Triple yay!!

I did a little dance around the reception desk with my credit card, singing, "This is my final payment, this is my final payment" while the ladies laughed at me. My orthodontist didn't seem phased at all. Maybe he sees this a lot?

The only area where I am not free is in the upper braces department. But hey, after all I've been through, what's a bit longer?


Anonymous said...

congratulations on all fronts. i don't recall seeing your
latest round of braces...are they tolerable pain wise and esthetics wise? when do you think they will be removed? i hope you get them off when you decide you would like them off...that way you will be totally done with your orthognathic surgery adventure, and this will be a great are almost there Bella.. great job!!!

Bella said...

Hi Melinda,

Thanks for the comment! I didn't take any pictures of my latest round of braces, actually. They're just your regular classic metal train tracks (I had porcelain ones before.) They're no problem pain wise, and at this point, I just want my teeth to line up properly, so I don't care about the aesthetics (though I refuse to smile with my teeth in photos now because the light shines off the braces and makes me look freakish.)

My orthodontist says that the teeth are about in the right place now. I just have to make an appointment for a consultation with a cosmetic dentist about getting some gaps that can't be closed filled, and then we'll go from there.

Thanks again for checking in on me ;)

chinderella said...

Almost all paid up, cool. I think I'm almost done too - next visit the day after tomorrow, when I'll fork out the final 200 euros. Perhaps more painful than the braces themselves at this point, yet so worth it.


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