Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mind the gaps

We're slowly inching toward the day when my braces will come off (again). My orthodontist sent me to a dentist to see if the gaps in between my teeth can be filled, as he is unable to close them this time around.

The dentist said that because my teeth seem to be moving around and that the retainer was unable to hold them in place last time around, that he will probably bond a permanent retainer (light wire) behind my upper teeth to keep them anchored.

He's going to talk to my orthodontist over the next while to come up with a plan. So, we'll see what happens.

I am starting to get tired of the train tracks, not because they get in my way, but because I like smiling with my teeth in pictures, and when I do that now, it looks awful!

Cross your arch wires for me...


Rita said...

Hope everything goes well. Arch wires crossed!!! lol
I have a question about swelling. How long did it take for your swelling to go down. I am now 15 days post surgery and my face is still swollen and hurts. I use ice and heat and sleep sitting up. I am taking a vitamin for it also, but still it is there. Have any ideas? Thanks. : )

nabukay said...

hi lady,

its so funny how everyone knows if they have a question they should just consult you! keeping my fingers crossed for you that its the last time now!

Bella said...

It's true - I have been around the block with the braces and jaw surgery, that's for sure! I'm not even posting all the questions I get via email anymore - a lot of them have already been covered ;)


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