Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't count your brackets before they've been removed

Remember when I said my braces were supposed to come off on August 8?

Well, scratch that. One of my brackets came loose before my last appointment and a gap opened up big enough that food was getting impacted in it every time I ate. Fun!! Also, there are some other gaps that need to be closed as well. When I asked if my braces will come off at my next appointment, I was told with a laugh, "Oh, no. It will be longer than that."

I may not make corn on the cob season this year. Oh well, I may have to head down to the Farmer's Market, buy a bunch of corn, and freeze it until I'm brace-free. I am determined to have corn on the cob, and I will have corn on the cob, damnit!!

In other (good) news, I went to the Folk Festival again this year and had a pleasant surprise. Last year, I had to leave once Michael Franti took the stage, as the heavy bass in his music vibrated the screws in my jaw and gave me a raging headache. I was less than impressed, as Michael Franti was rocking it. Not fair!

This year, I was weary of the same thing happening, but when k-os played, with just as heavy bass, if not more, I was fine! So, no more worries about loud, rock concerts with generous amounts of rumbly bass - my jaw and I are good to go!

Wooo hooo! Bring it on!


i am the diva said...

aww, too bad to hear about your braces... yes, freeze the corn! you SHALL have CORN...AGAIN!!!!

June said...

Hi. You can add me to your list of blogs. I'm interested in connecting with other fellow jaw surgery people.Thanks

Schmutzie said...

Those braces! We should have a huge coming off party for you when they are finally removed.

Bella said...

Oooh, and the party can have all kinds of forbidden things, like corn on the cob, nuts, caramel, gum...

I could get behind that idea, Schmutzie.

3 1/2 years of being wired up - can you believe it?


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