Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last week, I went to the orthodontist only to find the door locked and a sign saying that all appointments were cancelled due to "sterilization issues."

Being involved in animal rescue, I immediately thought this meant my orthodontist was being neutered. He couldn't keep his appointments because he was currently under the knife, or he had just had the procedure done and had acquired some kind of unspeakable infection.

And now, the mental image of him holding a big bag of ice to his crotch is traumatizing me to no end.


On the plus side, the appointment was rescheduled for today, and to my surprise, he took my braces off!

Freedom, finally! I am whitening my brace-free teeth as I type! Hooray!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Zip-N-Squeeze debacle

Just wanted to warn all the jaw surgery buddies who are having surgery over the next few months that something seems to be up with Zip-N-Squeeze.

According to Carrie at The Winnipeg Teeth/Lower Jaw Surgery Transformation, the company has been accepting orders online but hasn't been sending them out, leaving a lot of people scrambling to try and get their money back from PayPal. I checked Dinner Through a Straw, the site I ordered my Zip-N-Squeeze bags from, and it states that all of the Zip-N-Squeeze products are "temporarily out of stock."

So, anyone wanting this product is out of luck for now. It will be interesting to know if this is truly a temporary situation, or if the company is done like the pureed dinner we wish we could put in their bags.

If anyone hears updates, drop me a line.


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