Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Second Jawiversary!

Friday was my two-year jawiversary (jaw surgery anniversary date) and today, Valentine's Day, marks two years since I came home from surgery with my jaw wired shut. It's hard to believe, because it feels so long ago, like it never actually happened.

A few weeks ago, I was absentmindedly running my fingers lightly across my chin when I realized that it felt...normal. There was no difference in sensation from the skin on either side of my chin to that on my chin itself. Which means the nerves damaged by the surgery have completely regenerated!

The majority of the sensation returned in the months after the surgery, but there was just a slight difference of sensation that very slowly improved over the past two years, and now it's totally healed. Hooray!

I'm thrilled with the results of the surgery. My smile is straight, my teeth fit together, I can chew like a real person, I don't have TMJ problems anymore, and I have a fabulous chin and profile.

I have no regrets about the surgery; although the recovery was really difficult, it was worth it in the end. Life is good.


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